Monday, November 12, 2012

Say, Didn't Daniel Maidman Used to Write a Blog Here?

Look, all of you, I apologize enormously for my inconstant bloggery of late. I've been on the run since approximately July - a chain of work crunches with my paying gig, a visit to Italy, preparing the Blue Leah show, writing an article for International Artist about the Blue Leah painting techniques and, wouldn't you know it, a hurricane. Things seem to be simmering down a little bit by me, and I'm going to try to be a better companion to you. In the meantime, let me share a quick sketch.

This was done in - what, four minutes? Five? What it was, was I went down into the Bedford Street Station on the L line in Brooklyn while the tunnel was still flooded, and hung out with the pumping crew until the cops directed me to beat it. I'm not going to tell you that this guy who sat for me was covered in soot, or that his eyes glowed, or that he was exhausted but determined. He was clean, he was reasonably well rested, and he thought it was funny I wanted to draw him. He and the rest of the crew were excited to use the rarely-deployed pump train, and they and their colleagues have done a remarkable job of getting the subways up and running after a flood which exceeded all of the MTA's wargame parameters. Manly hard-asses like them are doing an amazing job putting the city back together, from what I've seen. I myself was fortunate; neither I nor my work suffered from the storm. I am working on some schemes to help out. A lot of people got hurt.

I've got adventures and thoughts on art to catch you up on, and I'll be doing a little undigging over the next few weeks.

Until then, it's good to see you again.


  1. Thanks Chris - I'm glad to have a chance to stop and be here a bit. More very soon.

  2. I might complain about it sometimes, but I love our Subway.

    Good to see you checking in here, and you can always repost your HuffPo pieces here in the domain of your own special voice.

    I don't know about the term "bloggery" though - sounds a bit too close to "buggery". How about "blogification"?

  3. Fred - hi! Our subway is the awesomest. And I will repost the Straylight piece here as soon as I have the time for it - I'm in Toronto for Thanksgiving! Anyhow, I like "bloggery," so you'll read it and like it. Have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for checking in here...