Friday, May 11, 2012

Fire Sale

I am finding, to my consternation, that being an artist does not mean I don't have to pay bills.

Given this sad, sad fact, from now until the end of the month, I've got a fire sale going on 15"x11" drawings. Ordinarily they go for about $350, but I've dropped it to $100 + $8 shipping.

The drawings are on Rives BFK Tan archival print-making paper, in white Prismacolor and graphite. Many are posted at my website here, with hundreds more available but unscanned (if you describe something you're interested in, I can probably find something like it in the archives, and scan it for you to verify; as long, of course, as you're interested in naked people and parts thereof). There is also a handy Paypal button.

While I'm on the subject of you buying things from me, let me remind you that lovely, limited-edition giclee prints of some of my paintings are available here.

The two drawings below are already gone. Head on over and get the ones you want before they go too...

 Claudia Reclining 6, Daniel Maidman, 2012, pencil on paper, 15"x11"

Gabriel's Torso, Daniel Maidman, 2012, pencil on paper, 15"x11"

I remain

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