Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vote for Me.

Since I'm still busier than you want to know, let's take a little break from the thoughts on beauty. This is Charles Saatchi:

This is Charles Saatchi's wife:

This is the cover of a book about a show of the Young British Artists, a gang that Saatchi helped shepherd to success. Saatchi is a very successful adman who has become a superstar collector:

This is Charles Saatchi's gallery:

And this is the piece I've entered in a relatively, but not entirely, pointless competition hosted by Charles Saatchi on his website:

Red, oil on canvas, 60"x36", 2009

I know some of you are members of Charles Saatchi's website. So do me a favor, OK? Go over there and vote for my piece. Here's a link:


Incidentally, Charles Saatchi is an Iraqi Jew, which I think contributes in no small part to his being freaking hilarious. He has two books out of answers to interview questions, both of which I recommend:

My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic



These are seriously funny books.

Here's that voting link again. Please go vote for me:


Thanks - and more on beauty soon.


  1. Good luck! Yours is the best on that round. vote-Maidman
    Keep us posted!

    :) R Jay

  2. Well I wasn't a member of the Saatchi website until about five minutes ago. Registered, signed-in, VOTED, mission accomplished. Easy as pie :-)

    Good luck Daniel!!

    I'm starting a chant: "MAID-MAN! MAID-MAN! MAID-MAN!"

  3. Thanks Bobby and Claudia - I really appreciate you giving it a shot! I was bummed, because not only did it not work out for me, but my friend Victoria Selbach, who is a fantastic painter, got to round 2 but then got bumped as well. Sigh. Claudia, I fully support that chant! I'm gonna have to start the "Claudia Wave" next time you're singing at a major sporting event though.