Saturday, January 22, 2011

Horseshoe Curve

You know I'm watching you, right? Well, not you specifically, but you in a general way - as specifically as I can on Google Analytics. Which is how I know that Altoona, Pennsylvania was on the blog yesterday. I've got a soft spot for Altoona - who doesn't? Altoona was on Adolf Goddamned Hitler's priority list of places to bomb when he got around to invading the United States. Specifically, he wanted to bomb the horseshoe curve:

Apparently, this curve was really important to railroad transportation in the United States at the time. So - greetings Altoona! The wickedest of the wicked intended evil for you, but the wickedest have fallen, and you survive.

Apart from that, this is a pathetic little nothing of a post. I'm mulling over concepts related to the next "on beauty" bit, but I'm hard up for time this week - it's why I haven't replied to the thoughtful comments on the last post yet either (I feel like they deserve thoughtful replies). While you're waiting on my slack blogging, you might like to drop by Claudia's hilarious and wonderful blog where she's done me the honor of posting a drawing of mine.


  1. That is an awesome post by Claudia, and a fantastic drawing. Is it possible I have not seen that before? I love it. A lot.

  2. Isn't Claudia great? You haven't seen that drawing before - I drew it a few weeks ago, and she asked me to scan it and send it to her, so I did. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Ed, thank you! Yes, I'm proud to say that that drawing by Daniel makes its auspicious debut in the Museworthy post. It is indeed "fantastic".

    And thank you, Daniel! You're the best :-)

  4. Thank *you* Claudia! Have a great morning!

    Ed, that's Claudia. She's a huge sweetie, apart from the being a great model and writer.

    Oh, and I'll put a note about this in the next post, but who knows when I'll get to that, so - check out Fred's recent post on optical mixing. He starts from a drawing he did of Alley, and continues on the topic of color mixing in the eye and the medium (and links to the subsurface scattering post!). It's really interesting:

  5. Yeah, Daniel, I thought I'd flatter you by linking to your subsurface scattering post (which I loved) and then see if I could piss you off by posting a Renoir! (Though I actually have to agree with you about his later work.)

  6. Hey, it'll take more than a dinky lil Renoir to piss me off... I loved the post and I put a link to it in the thing I just finished writing. I'm glad you enjoyed the subsurface scattering post!

  7. I guess you saw the Super Bowl museum bet, Renoir vs. Caillebotte:

    That is a particularly cheesy late Renoir, and I feel that the fact the Milwaukee museum accepted the Renoir as a match for their Caillebotte shows they don't deserve the Caillebotte.