Friday, March 26, 2010

Go to Barnes and Noble

Hello, happy few! Let me share this with you:

Maidman, you say, what is this?

Allow me to answer in several parts:

Background: a quilted wall-hanging Charlotte made for me, using the loose "rooftop pattern" pioneered by the quilting savants of Gee's Bend.
Middle ground: me, painting.
Forward middle ground: a painting.
Foreground: Leah, the subject of a painting.
Context: printed in the "about the artist" section of my article in the April-May issue of International Artist.
Additional consideration: They put another picture of me working on the cover of the magazine.
Conclusion: Go to Barnes and Noble and buy yourself a copy.

My piece is on page 80. It's got a bunch of my paintings and some more of that deathless prose you've grown to tolerate. I hope you like it! And if you've got any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to answer.


  1. Hey ... the photo on the cover is kinda ... weird.

  2. Oh you noticed. I was a little surprised at certain, er, absences, myself.

  3. Congrats are in order...again.

  4. Thanks Chris! And when I have a little more time, I'll reply to your thoughts on comics...

  5. I mean - I MEANT "Congratulations" ... what I mean to say is, congratulations!

  6. Whoops - too late, Pengo! I have moved you from "friend" to "enemy" in my mind. Never trust a choatic neutral, my momma always said, and you know what, she was *right*. Thanks for undermining my faith in humanity.

    Just kidding. No biggie - I appreciate the congratulations, but jeez, don't sweat it.

  7. Chaotic neutral? You total geek!

    But please, chaotic good, I do have a strong ethical code. Bugs Bunny - now he's chaotic neutral.

    Loving the advice - glad to say I have, in my amateur exploits, never violated your four basic rules. At least not since college. At least I hope not.

    Hmn, if I have to wonder ...

  8. Congratulations Daniel! I will definitely get myself a copy. Can't wait to see it!


  9. Pengo - who wrote a Dracula play anyway? "Not I," said the total geek. I never thought of Bugs that way, but I think you're right. I'm glad you're enjoying the advice, and I'm glad you haven't transgressed the four big ones - if you have to wonder, that just means you're old and senile, not that you aren't a perfectly considerate artist, which I'm sure you are. I kind of made those up based on experience and talking with people about their experiences and priorities. I've definitely messed up on more than one of them, but I hope sharing what I learned from my mistakes can help other people skip that awkward part of picking up the relevant skills.

    Claudia - thank you! I hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to hear what you think - if you want to go back and read the first article, I'll get a copy to you. And thanks for stopping by here! Pengo, Chris, anybody reading without commenting - meet Claudia. She writes a wonderful blog about art and modeling that's linked in my sidebar, and she brings a different perspective to writing about art that you might find really interesting.

  10. Just before midnight on Easter:

    Maidman's NIGHT (2009) vs. Manet's THE DEAD CHRIST WITH ANGELS (1864)


  11. That was totally on purpose. Here's what happened: I was going through a period of interest in Manet. The first Manet-reference painting was "The Daydream" (bonus points if you can figure out which Manet it comes from - only one person has done that so far). The Dead Christ is at the Met, so I have really good access to it. Night was totally ripped off from it as much as possible, down to the positions of the hands and light source. Thank you for thinking about it enough to notice! I really appreciate that.

    Anyhow, after that I got bored with Manet and moved on to Ingres for "Day," which stars our mutual friend, who really ought to have posed for Ingres if anyone. In terms of the characteristics of painting that interested me - light angle, light dropoff around the curving of forms away from the front - Manet and Ingres are nearly identical; Ingres just prefers to work at a higher resolution.

  12. Did I tell you all this one time before, or are you just awesomer than I gave you credit for?

  13. Nope. Got that all on my own.

    I played Manet in a play, oh God a very long time ago. You should see the photos - dead ringer (except I had already lost more hair up top than he ever did.) Read a few biographies, I've become a minor fan of his work.

    However, I did do a cursory google image search as a reminder, and "Dead Toreador" was the only thing that made sense. You really have a morbid sense of humor, don't you?

  14. That is totally awesome. And you should dig up pictures from the show. I'm just tickled you were able to figure out the paintings I was stealing from. I'm not sure how *I* count as the morbid guy in this situation - Manet was the one painting stiffs. Piera, who modeled for both paintings, was a big Manet fan by the end, because both poses turned out to be incredibly comfortable. That made me think that maybe Manet wasn't paying his models very much.