Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holy Moly I'm Bad At That

I forgot to mention - the February/March issue of International Artist is on newsstands, and it's got the first of my four articles on working with models. The publisher did a beautiful job on layout and reproduction, showcasing this painting, this one, and a few I'm working on now. So run out and buy a copy! Or a painting...

As long as I've got your attention, let me post a couple drawings of Piera from yesterday. This continues my try-new-ideas project. My new idea this time was to use white and red pencil on rough black paper.

Well, new idea for me; other people have actually thought of doing this before.

What was interesting about the experience was that you basically can't erase and can't put down preparatory marks that aren't prominent in the final piece. So it reduces to the same situation as working in pen: you live with your mistakes, and you make your mistakes a virtue. I thought the draughtsmanship turned out a little cruder than usual, but this, combined with the tendency of the medium toward having a really nice sense of mass, gave the efforts a sense of emotional solidity which I found very satisfying. Your mileage may vary.


  1. Regardless, you are creating some beautiful pregnancy images. As a parent, I would treasure those forever.

  2. Pengo - Thank you so much for this comment! That hadn't really struck me, but of course it makes sense. I think you've given me a good idea for a present when they have the baby.

  3. I heard the smiley, but I'm not sure where you're going with the *cough*. What do you want me to say? It's an awesome idea. Thanks for giving it to me. I'm not going to say exactly what the idea is right here, dude. This is a public blog. Piera might actually read it or something.

  4. No, the cough was because you hadn't posted in over a week. I have missed you. Thanks for the last post!

  5. Oh, I get it now! I'm sorry, my schedule is just killingly busy. I did see a production of "Three Sisters" that took my breath away. The rest of the time, painting and work. I'm glad you enjoyed the last post! And I hope all is well with you.